About Marlies Katy

Marlies Katy has had shops in the 9 streets and the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam and sold her jewelry in London. After 12 years she decided to rent out her real estate and to develop herself further in other areas. Because of her love for the trade, jewelry and gemstones, Marlies has continued with an online webshop and is present at trade fairs with her jewelry line. She gives jewelry advice to companies and customers. She also makes bespoke jewelry on request. 

Marlies Katy graduated in Cultural Sciences from the University of Amsterdam. During her studies she worked at jeweler Lyppens and Schipper, auction house Christie’s Amsterdam and she did an internship at Christie’s in London. She obtained her Gemology diploma (FGG) in Idar-Obertein in Germany. After working at Forrester Research (retail) and at jeweler Bonebakker, she started her own company. In addition to MK Jewelry, Marlies now invests in various companies and likes to coach other entrepreneurs.